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Microsoft Make Your Wish 2019

​ With artificial intelligence 
 Predict strokes. 

As part of the Make Your Wish initiative, Microsoft has called for ideas to be submitted that will positively change the future with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). We are participating with our idea based on AI to predict strokes and thus save lives.


The best ideas and projects will be presented as part of theMicrosoft AI Festival in Berlin awarded on April 9, 2019.


Our idea

  • Every 4 minutes someone dies from a stroke

  • A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or affected

  • This can also be attributed to a variety of leading indicators

  • An AI can take into account the multitude of leading indicators and thus predict strokes

our solution

  • AI receives patient data directly from existing medical devices

  • AI detects the early symptoms that can lead to a stroke

  • Every second counts, the doctor is informed

  • Medical care can be initiated before the event occurs

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The Microsoft AI Festival

On April 9th, Microsoft invites experts and users to the AI Festival in Berlin. The event's motto is “It's time to shape our digital future together. Let’s just get started!” based on the core topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and the associated opportunities, challenges, potential and limitations. 


 Oliver Mucha

 Event Support

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