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The company PlanB. GmbH provides you with this whistleblower system

Responsible person: 

PlanB. GmbH
Kocherstrasse 15
D-73460 Huettlingen


In order to ensure that our organization behaves ethically and in accordance with the law, we have set up an internal reporting office in accordance with Sections 12 - 18 HinSchG in the form of this whistleblower system. This serves to clarify and prevent violations.

All employees and our business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) have the opportunity to report violations of laws, the code of conduct and guidelines - even completely anonymously.

You can submit a new tip on this secure whistleblower page. Please use the following link Notice_melde.html?key=rUgNhMuSEmZombWE.


You can also contact the Internal Reporting Office via the THALES Rechtsanwälte law firm by telephone at
+49 (0)931 - 46599018

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