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Our belief

​With artificial intelligence, we are not only changing the way we work, but also making life easier and safer.

Develop. Train. To use.

With integrated machine learning and AI services, we make processes more effective and competitive. We rely on our know-how and computing power from the cloud.

Predictive maintenance

With AI, we avoid downtimes through predictive, proactive maintenance of machines and systems.


Predictive quality

We use AI to analyze a wide range of sources for risk patterns and thus detect production and material errors much earlier than with standard procedures.

Text analysis/content aggregation

Through fast AI-powered data processing, we discover hidden patterns and also find answers in large amounts of data for efficient decision making.


Through chatbots and digital assistants based on AI, we enable applications to communicate intelligently with the user.

Image recognition

We use AI to analyze images and look for similar patterns or anomalies in them. The use cases are diverse, a classic example is quality assurance in production.

 Carsten Schuff 

 Solution Expert 

 PlanB. GmbH 

AI expert Carsten Schuff PlanB. GmbH

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