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Hold meetings virtually in compliance with legal requirements.
PlanB. the Digital Product Factory

 Virtual Annual General Meeting 

Our service for the digital implementation of general, shareholder and member meetings for companies, associations and clubs.​

Easy registration and management of participants.

Hold meetings virtually in compliance with legal requirements.

  • Complete, highly automated documentation (e.g. creation of minutes) of the entire event process ​

  • Voting on agenda items (even before) the meeting via the portal​

  • Possibility for participants to submit extension applications or election proposals online before the date of the general meeting​

  • Dashboard with overviews of all decisions of a meeting ​

  • During the virtual meeting, questions or contributions can be submitted live via text message (chat) or via video-sound transmission.​

  • Appointment of authorized representatives via the portal. Together with the power of attorney, instructions for voting behavior during the meeting can be issued via the portal

  • Possibility to submit objections to votes taken via the portal until the end of the meeting​


Your contact at PlanB. 

 Oliver Kiesslich  


PlanB. GmbH

Kocherstrasse 15

73460 Hüttlingen

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