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What we 


Everyone affected will ask themselves the question: why did this happen and what should I do to better protect myself or the company from attacks? However, after an attack has occurred, other time and monetary challenges come to the fore. Time and money, which is better invested beforehand, to find and implement the right security big picture. This includes topics such as the security roadmap, the organizational and procedural content as well as the associated technological architecture. And this is exactly where the expertise of the PlanB. cybersecurity team lies.

How we understand the current situation...

We are convinced that a patchwork of security products and a patchy IT and process architecture can no longer withstand today's threats and are ultimately not economical. Security, infrastructure design and application development can no longer be viewed separately these days. Security by default and, above all, a holistic approach is our design guideline in all projects.

How we 


The primary goal is to reduce risks through prevention plus the early detection of anomalies and attacks, as well as a clear understanding of what to do in the event of an incident. This means a solution tailored to the customer - using proven standards and fully integrable technological solution components. The aim is a holistic concept that takes all modern aspects into account - organizational and technological. We primarily use the Microsoft cloud solution kit as well as selected third-party systems. In the area of methodology, PlanB. based on proven standards and years of project experience. In addition to zero trust approaches, this also includes agile approaches and the use of established (compliance) frameworks, such as NIST, CIS and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. In addition to protecting your company assets, whether employees, IT systems or data, we make sure not to increase the workload of the IT teams, which are often already overloaded, but rather to reduce the effort in operational management by using technological solutions while at the same time increasing effectiveness.


Compliance & Information Protection

Where are we currently? What should our security roadmap look like to protect our company assets? How do we manage not to lose the overview or the common thread?

Only if the initial situation, the requirements of all stakeholders and the future big picture are known is it possible to embark on a plannable and measurable journey. We integrate into your project in the role of trusted advisor, CISO consultant or as interim CISO. Our experienced cybersecurity architects work on the level of compliance frameworks and data protection regulations as well as on the technological level.  This means for you: our maturity level analyzes and recommendations for action are not high-level and vague, but very specific with clear indications of where gaps exist in the security big picture and which technical solutions are available. At the customer's request, our experts are available for upcoming projects to implement these recommendations for action. Especially in the area of “Information Protection”, our experts support you in developing and implementing an information protection strategy that is tailored to your business requirements. We accompany you from the first draft of business-oriented guidelines through to the implementation of a technical solution that is fully integrated into the modern working world. The experts at PlanB. rely on the cloud-based solution from Microsoft Pureview Information Protection to detect, classify, protect and manage sensitive information, wherever it is located or transported. In addition to classic office data, this also includes sensitive data from your design area.

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