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Employee Experience and Engagement Workshop | Microsoft Viva
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Employee experience
and Engagement Workshop 

 Microsoft Viva 

Get insights into Microsoft's Viva Experience Platform (EXP).


With the Microsoft Viva platform based on Microsoft Teams, you receive applications for an individual employee experience that focuses entirely on the daily needs of employees at work.

In our workshop you will receive a holistic insight into the customer experience platform Microsoft Viva. We look at the requirements for their use and analyze the options based on your individual requirements.

  • Get to know the Microsoft Viva Suite and its purpose.

  • Get an overview of the modules of the Microsoft Viva Suite including the requirements required for their use.

  • Experience the Microsoft Viva modules in action.

As a result, you will receive a picture of Microsoft Viva tailored to your requirements, which you can use to assess its potential for use in your company.

Our range:

PlanB. Microsoft Viva Insights Discovery Workshop

Learn how Microsoft Viva, an integrated platform built on Microsoft Teams, helps your employees do their best work and thrive in the new reality. 
In our workshop, our experts provide information and tips about the modular employee experience platform Microsoft Viva.

We are glad to be here for you!

"Our mission is to provide high-quality digital solutions for our customers that inspire and inspire users and bring them a little closer to their goals. Based on this, we see ourselves as a cooperation partner for digitization and associated digital transformation based on 100% cloud technology. Together We work with our customers to develop digital solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and new working methods. We always focus on innovative product and solution ideas for maximum business benefit."

PlanB. Regina Vaas

Your contact person at PlanB. 

 Regina Vaas  


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Why PlanB.
PlanB. is a strategic partner for digitization and the associated digital transformation based on cloud technologies. We don't just think about innovative software solutions, but also about our customers' future as a digital company. We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of a solution.


Our 100% commitment to Microsoft technologies means that we can rely on decades of product experience and expert knowledge combined with the use of suitable and proven project methods and operating models.

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