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Modern Endpoint/Endpoint modernization with the PlanB workshop.
PlanB. the Digital Product Factory.

Endpoint modernization

 Modern Endpoint Workshop 

The way we work has changed.


The way companies support their employees across the devices they use every day is changing rapidly as companies focus on providing employees with consistent, unified, secure - and transformative - experiences. Achieving this change requires a new approach to modernizing the endpoint ecosystem.


Manage mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints while enabling employee productivity through secure access to company resources from anywhere.

Solution approach 

Different scenarios can support this:

  • Hybrid and remote work

  • Frontline workers

  • Reimagining the endpoint ecosystem

  • Towards Zero Trust

Our range:
PlanB. Modern Endpoint Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to gain a common understanding of the next gen endpoints. These include Windows 365, Windows with Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop, Windows 11 Enterprise and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.



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PlanB. Regina Vaas

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 Regina Vaas  

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Based on our belief in digitalization and our passion for innovation, we help companies take advantage of modern technologies and get people excited about them. By applying the latest technologies with the right design, we express our desire for "passion for excellence" and help make everyone's workplace safer, more productive and more valuable.

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