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Your AI Copilot
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Copilot Accelerator -
Mastering compliance, maximizing value

Leverage the power of Microsoft Copilot and Copilot for Microsoft 365 while taking into account your industry-specific compliance, security and regulatory guidelines.

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, organizations face the challenge of meeting high expectations while ensuring adherence to specific security and compliance guidelines.

Our mission is to expertly guide you through the complexities of AI integration, integrating it into your business strategy to realize its full potential. Our approach ensures a seamless and secure use of Microsoft Copilot in your organization. Together, we set milestones for the introduction and focus on the sustainable use of the technologies.

Vision & Strategy

A clear strategy and vision is essential to involve stakeholders early on, optimize resources, manage risks, achieve competitive advantages and ensure measurable success in AI integration.

Admin, Governance & Support

Effective administration, governance and support are critical to verify and optimize the performance of AI systems and to ensure compliance with regulations and user confidence.

Security & Data Management

Securely classify, process and integrate sensitive information, identify and prevent over-sharing, take access rights into account, ensure compliance and drive AI innovation while minimizing risk.

Awareness & Adoption

Awareness and adoption strategies are essential to embed AI firmly and understandably for all, facilitating a smooth transition to advanced technologies and driving business growth.

Drive Business Value

Maximize ROI by focusing and continuously developing on general and company-specific use cases, continuously integrating data and constantly evaluating and adapting to new functionalities.



  Key result  

A specific roadmap for the industry-specific, legally compliant and centralized use of Copilot, taking full account of your company's roles and access rights.



  A clear understanding of how AI works and next steps to adoption  

A deep dive into your data assets, consideration of data governance and security policies, risk assessment and a concrete approach for the adoption and phased embedding of AI in your organization.

  Our offering  

PlanB. Copilot Accelerator Workshop Series


Our workshop series is designed to be closely aligned with your priorities and create a shared vision for successive release cycles.

PlanB. Regina Vaas

Your contact person at PlanB. 

 Regina Vaas  


PlanB. GmbH

Kocherstrasse 15

D-73460 Huettlingen

07361 - 556 210


Why PlanB.
PlanB. is a strategic partner for digitization and the associated digital transformation based on cloud technologies. We don't just think about innovative software solutions, but also about our customers' future as a digital company. We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of a solution.


Our 100% commitment to Microsoft technologies means that we can rely on decades of product experience and expert knowledge combined with the use of suitable and proven project methods and operating models.

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